How To Clean Different Games You Catch

Cleaning games after an long hunt is really important. It is not an easy task to do. There are certain things that you need to follow and methods that you could apply in order to keep your games fresh and free from micro organism that might be harmful to your health. Bacterias like Escherichia Coli can cause gastrointestinal problems once ingested by humans.

In cleaning games, you need to be equipped with the right utensils. Here are the utensils that you might need in cleaning games:

  • Sharp Knife
  • Whetstone
  • Hatchet
  • Rope or nylon cord
  • Clean cloths
  • Rubber bands
  • Resealable storage bags
  • Ground pepper and cheesecloth
  • Cooler
  • Clean water
  • Disposable plastic gloves


field dressing

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It is not necessary to let the animal bleed to death, but during hunts, it is important that you hit the animal in vulnerable places like the lungs, heart, liver and the neck.

Field Dressing

Field dressing differs in different animals, but it is important that you clean them all well to avoid contamination. Make sure to use disposable gloves and clean the knife with paper towel or moistened towels so you will get any bacterias from the animal.

After the successful hunt, there is need to eviscerate the animal. First, you need to remove the sex organs. If its a male animal, you need to remove the genital except the scrotum. That will serve as a identification that the game is male. For females, you need to remove the udders. Make sure the wound is not big. After removing the sexual organs, the next thing you do is to remove internal organs. It is better to remove the organs right after wounding the animal. This is to avoid organisms from growing. You need to cut the animal from the esophagus down to its stomach, then you can remove the organs. After removing the organs, place a couple of resealable bags of ice inside the opened area. Putting ice into the animal slows down bacteria growth. You can close the wounds using the rubber bands. If you smell a foul odor from the carcass, make sure to report this to the right office for further assessment.


Skinning the animal can be optional, but there are certain advantages and disadvantages that you must know if you want to skin the carcass. The advantages of removing the hide immediately is for taxidermy purposes, especially if you wish to transport the carcass. Another one would be that its easier to freeze the animal to avoid bacteria growth. Hides keep animals warm. If you wish to leave the carcass outside on a cold weather, do not remove the hide. It keeps the meat tender and at the same time it keeps the meat of the carcass free from dust and bacteria.

When you are going to skin the carcass, it is best to keep it minimal. You should use a sharp knife to skin the carcass. Start skinning at the anus of the carcass going up to the body cavity.


transporting deer meat

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When transporting the carcass, make sure that the area where you’re putting it is clean. You can sprinkle ground black pepper inside the body cavity to keep bacteria from growing and do not remove the hide just yet.

For smaller games, there is a different process on how to clean the carcass. For rabbits, for example, it is important that you wear the gloves all the time to avoid tularemia. Tularemia is a infectious disease that can be transferred from wild rabbits to humans thru skin cyts and abrasion. Constant cleaning of the knife with pre-moistened wipes or with clean water is a must.

Once the rabbit is dead, you need to make a cut at the end of the hock, in between the bones and tendon then hang the carcass then sever the head at the atlas joint. Take out the tail and forelegs and continue to skin the rabbit.It is important that there are no cuts in the rabbit meat. Then cut from the breastbone to remove the internal organs. Clean the carcass with clean water then remove the loin in one piece to kerp the muscles intact and separate the shoulders.

Cleaning the carcass is a big work but you need to remember that cleaning them is important, especially if you are using them for human consumption. If not cleaned well, it will pose serious health problems to not just you but everybody eating it.

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