Hunting in Group vs. Hunting Solo

Hunting, as we all know, is a practice of killing animals either for food consumption or recreational activity. In order to begin hunting, one must have the skills in targeting their prey and is good at using hunting tools.

Albeit most people no longer commonly practice hunting due to safety reasons, some are still enthusiastic about this and some are still dependent on hunting in catering their hunger.

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Hunting can be done alone or by group. Though it is easier to hunt by group, some prefer hunting alone. Depending on the situation, one must know how to estimate when to hunt alone and when to bring a buddy.

Here is a comparison between hunting all alone and hunting with your buddies:

Securing safety

Hunting Alone or By GroupSource:

Hunting alone can give you time to plan both for a good catch and for your safety. However, it is not a guarantee that you will reach your camp safely due to some unexpected circumstances.

Hunting by group, however, gives you the relief of being able to hunt at peace since your companions are there to watch over you as well.

It may not be 100% sure that you are safe when you are accompanied by your teammates, but they surely come quite handy when you are facing difficult preys and during emergency purposes.

If you have seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, “The Revenant”, there, you will be able to see how important it is to have someone with you when you are off to hunt food.

Overall, hunting by group is safer than hunting alone.


When you are alone, you get to focus much better than you are with someone. Unlike when you are accompanied by your colleagues, you get to set a plan and know where to go when you are on your own since you won’t have to think of anyone when making a plan.

Setting traps

Preparing traps alone takes time. Whereas, doing it altogether makes your hunting session easier and faster. But then, if a single person from your group fails to meet the plan, then everything the group has prepared for will end up useless.

Careful planning, skills, and teamwork must be needed in order to keep everything in order and to make sure that the prey will surely fall for it.

Looking for preys

Being alone may be advantageous at some point, but not when you are in the middle of looking for food. It may be easier to move around since you don’t have to worry about your companion, but it is surely more difficult and time consuming to look for preys.

When you travel by group, it makes hunting faster; thus, decreasing your chance of not getting any animal perfect for your lunch or dinner.

Luring preys

This is one of the most challenging moments a hunter must face– attracting preys closer for easy shooting. In order for the prey to stay put, one must be good at hiding and must be quiet enough for the prey not to notice.Animals are very sensitive by nature, so you must make sure not to trigger their senses for them not to run away.

Hunting alone gives you full control of your movements, on what to do, and how not to disturb your prey. That said, it is easier for you to position yourself and aim for your gun or arrow straight to your target. When you are hunting with your team, it is hard to predict their movement and is more prone in making noise.

Capturing preys

Even if you are good at aiming, there are times when your prey will be able to escape since you fail to hit the right spot or there are too many obstructions around the area. You face a moving target, making it more challenging and difficult when you’re going solo.

Though it is not a guarantee that your team will hit the target as well, chances are they may be able to immobilize or even kill the prey if you failed to do so. If you are not in a competition with your buddies, then you are surely off for a good meal with them.

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