Hunting Tactics: How to Hunt Big Bucks

Hunting has been one of the most exciting adventures for some men. They won’t mind spending a week or two in the woods. The top most animal subjects are birds, fishes, wild boars, bears and deer. Some of these animals are being hunted not just for their meat but also for the use of their fur and one of the most popular is bear hunting. When it comes to hunting enthusiasts, deer hunting has become a sport to them. And as a matter of fact, they get back to the woods at least once a year to do so. According to most hunters, deer hunting is not as simple as it seems. One must need a strategy to hunt bigger deer, which is known as big bucks.

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If you ask a devoted deer hunter, a big buck is a mature deer. It will take at least 3 ½ years old before a deer matured and a good subject for hunting. As per many hunters, the older they become, the better they are. In order to hunt these big bucks, a hunter must be equipped with a solid hunting instinct, successful hunting experiences, skills and commitment. Aside from these characteristic, acquiring the proper gears are very helpful for the task.

Some of the most popular gears are camouflage clothes, deer calls, optics, firearms and ammunition, bow and arrows, cover scents, deer scents, etc. This is where manufacturers got their millions and generate top sales throughout the year. Although the latest gears are very helpful, you still need a strategic hunting tactic.

Tactic #1: Search for Hot Spots

In order for you to hunt successfully, you need to find where big bucks often go. You need to make some time to observe bucks in the woods by camouflage deer hunting. This can be done by wearing a camouflage clothing and cover scent. You need to wait some time before attacking and take note where they usually go.

Look for a body of water in the woods like a valley, river or creek. They go to these places for water once in a while. You need to follow their trails to be able to find their hot spots. Set up your deer stand near these places and you will have the highest chance of successful deer hunting.

Tactic #2: Baits and Traps Set-Up

Hunting has something to do with traps and baits. Upon setting up your traps, you need to clear the area and do not contaminate it. This means that you should not go near to the area where traps are. Big bucks don’t usually come to an open area, you need to set up your trap somewhere else. Some hunters climb tall trees and waited for the arrival of big bucks in their traps. This may take a few days before a big buck arrives in the trap, but a week of waiting is definitely worth it. Food bait is also very helpful as deer can smell food even in a few blocks away from them. The only problem with this is your bait may attract two or more big bucks and you need a group of hunters in one place to be able to catch them. Sometimes, it is difficult for hunters to stay in one place together because of the least potential they may getting.

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Tactic #3: Follow Your Instinct and Go with the Wind

If you don’t feel like hunting for today, then just don’t go. You may also need a break and perfect timing. However, if you decide to go on a hunting trip, you need to follow the wind direction as these big bucks have a high sense of smell. They can smell you from a long distance and they can detect if there are dangers around them.

Tactic #4: Endure the time

It may take a while to hunt a big buck. For some experts, they agreed that 3 days is a good number. For many hunters, big buck hunting may take about 7 days on average. You need to endure the time and have patience- actually a lot of it! This is where most of the new hunters failed. They seem to be out of focus and impatient, so they end up going home with nothing. Successful deer hunting requires time and patience.

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