Hunting Tactics: How to Hunt Big Fishes

Fish hunt is one of the most thrilling hobbies because you have the chance to see different kinds of fishes in the ocean and at the same time you can do other fun things in the water. If you are looking for small fishes, then you can typically see them near the shore. Many hunters use spears for this activity and as a matter of fact, spearfishing became a sport to enthusiasts. On the other hand, if you are looking for big fishes, then you should go for the deeper part of the ocean.

big fish caught by 2 fishermen

Did you know that many fish hunters do not hunt just for fish or for a living? They hunt because of the adventures they can go through. Along with these fun adventures, are also some dangers you might face. Dangers such as improper use of fishing gears and tools, sudden changes of the wind, possible predators and many more. In order to ensure safety fish hunting, you need to be in groups of experienced hunters. Each of you should complement each other’s task to be able to succeed in hunting without injuries or distractions involved. Maybe 3 to 5 hunters will be suitable for a sail. Make sure to divide the group for tasks such as a pair of two best hunters for fishing, one person as a lookout, one for the boat mechanism, and one to organize the catch. Some of these tasks are not that necessary but you’ll never know how useful each task if it is done with proper coordination. So in fishing, attitude and teamwork is also important.

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Actually, you can go fish hunting alone, but the efficiency is not that great. You should also think of your safety and in cases of emergency situations, you’ll never know whom to go to if you are alone. You don’t need a professional hunter to accompany you, but just make sure that you are equipped with sufficient experienced and knowledge to do so. Along with your skills, you need some fishing gears, proper clothing and tools for safety measures and competent output. You should wear a wetsuit because it provides you to be buoyant in the water and allows the regulation of your body temperature.  Don’t forget the snorkel and fins as they will help you to adapt well in the water. Diving in the water can be more useful in hunting big fishes.

If you don’t want to go for diving, you can still hunt for big fishes even you are just staying in the boat. You just need some fishing tools such as spear gun, fishing rods, fishing lures and nets. You should also need to bring a small cooler so you can store your catch to preserve freshness. Along with the cooler, if you want to eat a freshly cooked dish of your fresh catch then a portable cooking system will do. You can cook the fish instantly and you can bring some spice, but the best type of cooking with fresh catch big fished is grilling.

Can you imagine how fun big fish hunting could be? So here are a few tips on how to hunt big fishes.

Tactic #1: Go where the fish are

Your fishing location is so important so before hitting the ocean, you can do some survey from legit fisherman along the area. You can also make an advance study or watch fish hunting videos.

Tactic #2: Look for a weak prey

Hunting is about being a wise predator and looking for a prey. In fish hunting, remember that you don’t own the ocean so look for weak prey. They are much easier to hunt due to physical challenges they might be facing.

Tactic #3: Work with the wind

Always check the weather and study how the wind affects big fish hunting. Don’t go fishing if the weather reporter says so.

Tactic #4: Don’t scare other fishes

If you see a group of fishes, wait until a fish separate from the other. Aim to shoot the fish so you won’t scare other fishes. Remember that big fish are heavier so asks for someone’s help in handling the fishing rod.

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