Hunting Tactics: How to Hunt Wild Boars

Hunting is an activity of chasing and killing wild animals for food. It is also a sport where the hunters hunt wild animals or games. There are different animals that hunters love to hunt not only because they want to kill it for food but because these hunters find satisfaction and self-fulfillment every time they get a good catch.

Hunting wild boar and other wildlife animals is different from hunting other feral animals. They move fast, but they don’t possess the sneakiness and gracefulness that a deer acquire. Unlike the deer,  boars tend to ignore or don’t give attention to the sounds and movements in their environment. They are intelligent and are considered as night animals. It has no sweat glands, hence, it cannot cool off easily. They wallow in cool mud or water and they travel at night to cool themselves. Because of this, it is a great advantage to hunt boars during early mornings or late evenings.

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There are different ways or techniques that you can use to catch a boar, some of these ways or techniques are:

Stand/Blind Hunting

If you opt to use stand/ blind hunting, you have to be very patient because this technique is time-consuming. You don’t know when the boar will appear; hence you’ll have to patiently wait for the boar to appear right at the place where you have set up your  post. You should also have the initiative to think of other ways that can help you catch a boar. You can use a digital trail cam to monitor your target. Trail cams are important hunting tools that can help you determine and predict the frequency of your target in getting close to your post.

In setting up your stand or post, you have to place it where your preys are. You have to be ready all the time and you must be willing to do anything to get your prey.

Change of weather is an ideal time to hunt wild hogs or boars if you’re on the stand. The cold fronts and rainy days will make them move to look for a warmer place to stay.

Another way that can help you increase your chance of catching a boar is to lure them with a bait and placing the bait in areas which was recently visited by the boars. Wild boars always get back to where they have gone before. They leave marks to follow as they look for another food source, however, they don’t go any further from where they have left their trail. They travel in groups, going back most of the time to where they have their food source.

If you want to lure them with a bait, remember not to leave your bait on the ground. Instead, dig a narrow hole using a post hole digger. Stock the food or bait in the hole and leave it there. The boar will try to get the bait. Since the hole is narrow, the boar will not be able to get the bait. What this boar will do is to take turns in getting the bait, because of this, they will keep on going back to the hole. Some of them will slip or creep during daytime to get the chance to get the food in the hole. This scenario will increase your chances to get a good catch of a boar.

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Another technique that can really help you catch a boar is by stalking. Unlike the first technique, this activity requires you to really  look  for the boars.

If you want to trail or track your prey, you have to follow the main trails used by your prey. There are actually two trails: the main trail and the Minor trails. These trails always end up in a place where these boars can get their food, bedding areas, etc. If you find a fresh new sign on the trail you have to follow the tracks and you will be directed to the driveway and then to the main highway. If you find it, place a mark or a sign so that you will be able to locate it again. You will be amazed to see wild boar and feral hogs going to the highway. This will help you catch them even without bait.

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