Luring Deers: Here’s How

Deers are one of the most agile and beautiful creatures in the wild. There are known for their speed and their graceful movements. Deers are often subjects for hunts. Deer antlers are often used for decorations, as well as its meat can help you get by when you are in the wild.

Luring them isn’t an easy task. They are fast and very sensitive to their surroundings. They can easily sense if someone is watching them or if predators and hunters are nearby. So how do you lure deer?

Before hunting or luring them, you need to be aware of the hunting laws provided by the government. There are seasons that you can and you can’t hunt deer. There are also certain guidelines that you need to follow when it comes to hunting these animals. So before luring them, it is best that you check them out.

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Using Deer Urine

Using deer urine for luring bucks are one of the many strategies that men has come up with. Animals often times use their nose for survival, mating or guarding their territories. Often times, animals would use their urine to mark their territory, may it be an inanimate object or for domesticated animals like cats and dogs, their human owners. Scent marking your space using a doe’s urine allows you to catch deer easily in your own backyard.

The first thing you do is to set an area where you want to catch or just watch deer. There should be tall grasses because deer like tall grasses. It should also be an open area. When the area is set, you can get the doe’s urine and spread it all over the vicinity. Once everything’s in place, all you have to do is wait for them. This is best done 10 weeks before mating season is at its peak.

Hang Scent Wicks

You can use scent wicks to lure bucks if you are going to hunt them. Scent wicks are made from saturated buck urine. Aside from bucks, you can also lure other animals using scent wicks. All you need to do is hang scent wicks over the trees, preferably 20 yards from each stand or tree and 4 feet to 5 feet above the ground. Make sure that there is minimal human scent in the area. Remember deers have very keen sense of smell.

Using Sweet Apples

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Deer love apple. You can use apples to lure them. If your area has a huge number of apple population, then it would be easier for you to lure them. If you plan to hunt deers near your homes or just view deers in a closer distance, you can plant apple trees or crab apple trees at the edge of tour backyard. They love to take cover under the shade of the trees. They also love the soft leaves and fruits that these trees bear. You can also put deer feed in your backyard. You can put them in a 5 gallon bucket. You can mixed apples with corn and grain.

Salt Blocks

Aside from apples and urine, you can also use salt blocks and other mineral blocks to lure deer into your property or hunting ground. You can also use cider or apple blocks. These blocks are available at feed stores and hunting stores in your area. When you already purchase them, put them at the edge of your backyard or food plot. If you have a food plot un your vicinity, you can bury the salt block and sprinkle debris of the salt block on top of the place where you buried the salt block. It might take months and weeks before the deers can find the salt block, hence it is essential that you are patient.

Commercial Lures

These commercial scents made for luring deers. They are available in feed stores in your area. They come in in assorted scents like apple, orange and many more. You can just hang these scents in your backyard.

Game/Trail Camera

This camera is very similar to CCTV cameras. This camera allows you to study deers from a distance. It allows you to check what food they are eating or which animals are feeding on your deer feed.

Luring deers is not an easy step. It takes effort and patience to lure them. But always remember, patience and effort are important not just in luring deers but also in hunting in general.

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