The Dangers of Hunting and How To Prevent Them

We all know how dangerous hunting can be! Heck, we’re possibly going to be up against wild animals when we hunt so we obviously might get hurt! Of course, the big question here would be how can we prevent the dangers of hunting? First off, we have to know what the possible dangers of hunting are and how we can keep safe. Let’s discuss a few:



Animal Attacks

The most common┬ádanger that anyone can experience from hunting is an animal attack. In fact, a lot of hunters can be killed by sudden wild animal attacks. But hey, you can’t blame these animals for attacking because they see you as a threat. Let’s say you’re hunting a wolf or a bear. You’re in their territory now so you can’t expect them to just sit tight. With this in mind, how can you prevent an animal attack? Well, the most obvious answer there would be to study your enemy. If you are going into the wilderness, you have to study what kind of animals lurk in that place and what are their habitats. By knowing how these animals move, you can avoid conflict with them and also strategically plan how you are going to hunt them.

Parasites and Insects

There are a lot of parasites and insects that are present in the woods and some of them may contain deadly diseases. The question is, how can you prevent these parasites and insects from sticking to you? The answer would be to bundle up! Sure, it may get hot in the woods, but sweating a bit is better than getting bitten. I would suggest that you buy a good hunting jacket┬áso that you’re covered up. Also, bring some insect repellant and some anti-insect lotion so the bugs won’t come near you. If you are camping, then I suggest you bring some citronella candles. If you light up these candles, you can actually scare away insects from your tent.

Poisonous Plants

When you are in the wilderness, you will definitely be exposed to all kinds of poisonous plants. One of the most common poisonous plants that can be found in a lot of forests and jungles would be the poison ivy which can give a person a bad poison ivy rash. The best way to prevent anything would be to research first on the possible poisonous plants that you may encounter on your trip. As much as possible, don’t touch any plants that are in the area. If you have to, then use some gloves. Make sure that your skin is all covered up so that in the event you touch a poisonous plant, your skin won’t make contact with it. Also, bring a first aid kit with you just in case. You’ll never know when something unexpected might happen.

Firearm Accidents

Firearm accidents are actually quite common among hunters because there are times when people would get careless. The best way to prevent any firearm accidents would be to know how your weapon works. Don’t go on a hunting trip if you don’t know the ins and outs of your weapon (usually a gun). You should know each function of your weapon so that you won’t accidentally hurt yourself while wielding it. Also, never be careless when you are holding it. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they know how exactly their gun or bow works so they become complacent. Complacency is very dangerous because if you let your guard down, your own weapon might hit you in the face. Be careful!

Hunting Safety


These are the most common dangers that anyone can experience in a hunting trip. My last tip for hunters would be to never hunt alone. In the event that any of these situations happen, at least you have someone beside you who can help. If you are alone, chances are nobody is going to help you if you get hurt or injured. Even though hunting is a fun sport, you have to make sure that your safety will not be compromised otherwise it won’t be so much fun anymore.

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