Wildlife Population and How it Affects Hunting

Population of wildlife animals should be protected to keep the ecosystem in balance. There are certain factors affect the population of the wild animals in a certain place. It can be the scarcity and available resources, shelters and the number of births of the animals in the area and the death of the animals,either natural or attack or when they are caught as kills by hunters.

Biologist have broken down the population dynamics of wildlife living area into four different process: birth,death immigration and emigration of animals living in a certain area. This allows us to understand how population works and why is it important to know the factors that affects the population of animals

Birth Rates


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Births are often referred by wildlife biologists as fecundity and recruitment. Fecundity is similar to birth rate. Fecundity refers to the number of offspring of an individual or a group of individual in a certain population. Fecundity is affected by resources in the area. If resources are abundant, fertility rate is high because the mother can take one or more offsprings. But if there is scarcity in the resources in the area, there is a big probability that the mother can take one offspring or the offspring can die young due to lack of food in the area.

Recruitment refers to the surviving juvenile in the family that will permanently stay in the area. Animals that have two or more offspring often times can keep most of them alive depending on the resources available in the area. Often times, many offsprings could not survive their first year in the wild due to lack of resources,predation or they are caught by hunters as kills.

Death rates

Death rates often refer to the number of deaths in the population. Often times, animals would die from lack of resources, predation and in the hands of hunters. In the present time, many forest areas had become barren due to human expansion. Many areas have been deforested and many animals died due to lack of resources. Predation often happens in forest areas. Animals and resources are often linked. It is a constant battle of survival of the fittest in the forest setting. Hunters harvest often refers to the deaths caused by hunters. Each countries and state has different laws about hunting. Usually, hunting is regulated in some countries but there are times that poaching wildlife still occurs on areas that are protected by government and NGOs. Poaching refers to the illegal killing of endangered animals. In the current times, there is a large nunber of death caused by poaching wild life.

Immigration and Emigration

migratory birds

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Emigration and Immigration plays a vital role in population dynamics. Movements are often caused by lack of resources or it can be seasonal migration. Immigration is the movement caused by animals to move to another place. Most of these animals are not originally from that area. An example of this would be birds migrating during winter seasons, looking for a warmer place to stay and propagate and then after the winter season they would fly back to the place where they originally come from.

Emigration happens when animals move due to lack of resources. An example of this would be snakes moving out from the forest areas and would look for resources in residential areas. The importance of the movements allow animals to reproduce when they migrate from one place to another. As the fertility rate continues to grow in number and it is regulated by death rates.

Population Dynamics allows us to understand the survival of wildlife forms and allows us to see the factors that affect the ecosystem and population. Deterioration of population of animals can be natural or man-made. It is important that we keep track of the animals as they continue to fight against predation and extinction. Protection of Wildlife and Reforestation is a must to keep a healthy and stable relationship between all things in the ecosystem.

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